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11 May 2006 @ 07:17 am
So, if anyone cares to know, I'm back on constrained bandwidth. Yes, again. Yes, during the summer term. Yes, when I have a 3GB max limit per week. Which isn't really a lot, you know. I do have my music and movies and anime episodes to download and all that.

In any case, this means that around 8 *so.. in about an hour or less) I'll be back on a connections that's even slower than normal dial-up. Thus, my returning comments/IMs (that's if I can even get on an sort of IM) will be slow, slim or nonexistent. My attempts at checking my mailbox and replying to comments through there have often resulted in my replying to comments, and having those comments never appear 'cause the browser timed out.

...Speaking of randomly-timed comments, I had a comment pop up from one of my other journals, whom I never knew answered me. I checked in afterwards and answered her in the actual post, but this was about a month or two ago that she commented and only today did I get the message. Weirdness abounds.

But anyway. Yes. I'm not ignoring you, I'm just reaping the benefits of copious amounts of file-whoring.