May 13th, 2006


Silent screaming

All right, half of this is for laizuki because I kind of promised I would.

Managed to get in one picture before I was told off by the store owner. Got what I went for at any rate. So yeah, largest is $35ish... not bad at all.

Second half... I really must rant. Really.

So my favorite silk blanket has been completely and utterly ruined--and my sister's too. So altogether, I do believe that's about $8000CNY-worth of fine-woven decorative silk down the drain--perhaps more. It depends whether or not the pillow covers were ruined too.

Yes, yes I am mad and no little sister flailing unhappily at me is going to change that just yet. It is simple fucking common sense that you DO NOT toss pure silk into the washing machine on regular with the rest of the sheets and then into the fucking dryer. YES you can wash silk at home, I know how to wash silk at home without going to the dry cleaner's. BUT DOES IT TAKE THAT MANY BRAIN CELLS TO KNOW YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO FUCKING HANDWASH IT?!

So I'm mad that she didn't think to ask me. I'm mad because she listened to my father about washing it in the machine. My father knows jack about fabrics or even that you're supposed to separate the white from the colors. I'm mad because she didn't even seem a bit upset about basically taking all that money and ripping it apart in front of my eyes, then frowning at me and telling me I'm wasting time when I should be working on homework.

It's never about things when something goes wrong. It's always the fact that I'm attacking her or taking something too seriously--or on the flipside, when I manage to control my feelings better, because I don't take things seriously enough.

It's a really awful feeling when you want to scream and swear and hit things and you can't and talking about it makes you feel like an asshole to everyone around you.

...And I can't draw my graphs. Bloody freaking hell.

[EDIT]: As nutmeg made me realize... I forgot to mention that it was my mother who dumped our things into the washing machine, not my sister. *apologizes to sister though she would probably not read this ever* ^_^;
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