August 11th, 2006



So soon throned, so soon de-throned... or something. I've been suspended for two week from Y!Gal because... um... I've managed to violate #6b of the terms of service. Which basically means someone found traces of someone else's artwork in mine. o.O;

More specifically:
# Traces of others' works (such as manga or anime screenshots), or art using portions of other artists' works (such as game sprites, official art, and doll makers) without the original creator's permission are not allowed anywhere on the site. You must post the following on all works for which you have permission to use the source material:

1. The original artist's name
2. Contact information for the original artist (if the artist requests anonymity, you are responsible for ensuring that anyone wishing to contact them is still able to do so; you must still also be able to provide contact information to any site moderator upon request)
3. The original artist's copyright
4. A link to the original source

Durr.... okay... this being the artwork in question. Erm. Does it count as plagiarism if I sketch stuff from an official photo? @.@; I sit in confusion and ponder what exactly I've done wrong as I've posted stuff like this before and they didn't get the axe. o.O;

Anyway. I am not feeling well tonight, but the whole y!gal thing has gotten me confused and I just want to draw more. And post fanfic, but I feel too lazy to. ^_^; Oh right, and... pictures.

Mana got finished after about a year and a day. Jun... um... yeah, let's just forget that I ever tried to draw and color a smiling Jun. :( I clearly suck too much at it to make it look anywhere near what it's supposed to look like.