September 11th, 2006



Dear god, I just want to sit down in some obscure corner of my house and scream or burst into tears or... fuck if I know. My desktop is fucked up... completely and utterly and I can't do anything with it. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to reformat it and I DON'T WANT TO as that's nearly 160GBs of stuff that I want to keep damn it!

It also seems to have messed up one of my files... the only one that I've been working on, have a chance at actually completing and I only have a single copy of! D: It's the KadajxSephiroth sentences I was doing for 1sentence that I actually really really like and was so close to done. I have all of 11 saved in attachment in my email--and I'd written almost 40! The file's completely blank when I try to look at it now... who knows how I could possibly fix this if it's in fact fixable? ;o;

My TV is acting up again and doesn't want to work, my hand is sore from slapping it so many times to get it to function again and fucking hell, Sora just died again.

...And lunch had gone through so well with Dad. *sits down and sobs* I HATE FRUSTRATION!

Oh and look at that. Half my layouts don't work anymore. HATE.
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