October 7th, 2006

my kind of cactuar


So I said I was going to make an actual post about the goings-on in my life (as I occasionally like to do that, especially when stuff actually happens) but I lied. Well, if it is coming, it won't be this one. It's late (early?) and I'm going to bed (soon).

...Er... okay. So I didn't post this entry until now. Yeah, I'm cool like that. Still tired.

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After this, more Zack. Hopefully. You know me. ._.;

In other news, Aceing Japanese, score!

EDIT: Jesse McCartney is now officially one of the true loves of my life.

Exhibit 1: He makes one sexy Roxas. This is only made better by the fact that he IS Roxas. Never mind that I didn't altogether fall in gooey love with his voice when playing KH2 it DOESN'T MATTER. (Okay, so the checkers are photoshopped, but still, love!)

Exhibit 2: He makes one sexy Draco as well. There is very little that makes things better than that.

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