October 23rd, 2006



I totally didn't mention the randomness of my encounter yesterday. And I will because damn, this isn't the first time this has happened. o.O;

So anyway, yesterday we went out for dinner. My mother opened the fridge door, peered in, closed it, looked up with a brilliant smile and went "So~! Where should we go for dinner? :D" Gotta love my mum. ^^

Dinner ended up being the food court over at Dixie because we're cheap and... shrug. So while we're there, I wander away from the family because a passing shiny caught my eye. As I stop to look at it, this lady comes up to me. I thought she was trying to sell me something when she started inquiring about the shiny in my hands, so I answered politely back. And then she asked me how my pregnancy was so far and how far along I was.

....o.O; Yeah. Um. *glances down* ;o; But I haven't been gaining weight! (....Well I did but I've... stopped now? o.o I hope?)

But yeah, it wasn't the tummy or the fat thing that clued her in, it was the breasts. Why the hell? Like I said, not the first time, and not that I'm complaining, but honestly, wouldn't someone point out that your gut is hanging out more than the size of your chest? Either way, she politely informed me that she'd clued in to this fact first because Asian girls aren't supposed to have *indicates chest*.

When I tried to set her straight, she continues on about how I'm still so young, it must be so hard on me, and my family seemed to be taking it so well, I must be a really strong girl, did the father know?

At this point, I was near flailing my hands at her, the store clerk girl was staring goggle-eyed at me, and trying to hide a laugh, but my answer of "But there is no father!!" had her getting horrified and indignant.

"Oh you poor girl, how could that young man--it was a young man wasn't it??--do such a thing to a pretty little thing like you, oh this is why I hate men so, they're all such bastards to poor girls like you, I'm so, so, sorry, if you'd like I could take you to--"

...At about this time I decided enough was enough and I made my gracious exit by wailing "Daddy!!!! ;o;!!!!" and running away.

...Yes, I know. I am just that suave and just that classy. But I honestly had nothing witty to reply to her with. Perplexion at its best perhaps?

In other news, I have a group meeting tomorrow. Or at least I think it's tomorrow. I don't wanna go. ;o; I remembered why I don't like group projects. I don't suffer other people's incompetence well at all. I enjoy suffering my own incompetence and that's about it, thank you very much. :( Although to be fair, I don't think they're incompetent at all, I'm just lazy and don't want to start on a single-page outline two weeks before the damn thing's due. And making me go to school on a day I don't have to in order to do it. Bah.

Hunting for articles on an article searching thing that'll only reference them and refuses to actually show me the articles is useless and makes me angry. I don't want to work on this. But that's the lazy talking again. I want to color something. :3
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Steph: you know something I've gone and realized?
Steph: with a sinking feeling of HORROR?
Caelin: um.. you're not wearing underwear in a public place?
Caelin: Gackt's legs really ARE made of snakeskin synthetics?
Caelin: Cloud ends up with Tifa??
Steph: well the first wouldn't bother me as I assume I'd still be wearing pants, Gackt's legs are made of plastic just like the rest of him, and... I don't want to think about that last one.
Steph: but no, I don't know where my Mana drawing is D:
Steph: the large one. With the red and theblue and the gigantic.
Steph: It's GONE ;o;
Caelin: ah ha ha
Caelin: and that is sad
Steph: it is???
Steph: how the hell does something that big just disappear like that???
Steph: without my knowledge????
Steph: er.. that first, was !!!! not ???
Steph: @.@:
Caelin: well you see, they constructed this giant slingshot made entirely of fermented grapevines and the innards of three hundred sacrificed rabbits
Caelin: then, once this was done, the filled the sling with the souls of five million children, and flung it into space
Caelin: once there, theses souls merged with a single spec of dust, which gave birth to a new planet
Caelin: this planet then grew life, and they yearned to return to their home soil
Caelin: so after constructing another, this time a giant flying whale, they returned to earth, entered your window and abducted the first thing they saw as an  example of the culture on this planet
Caelin: it's where all the gothic lolita children came from
Steph: ....that made me love you
Steph: *dead*
Caelin: <3

In other news, people suck. Like... royally. ;p

The thing I hate most (aside from being scared and publicly humiliated) is being stood up. So I went to the group meeting that was arranged to be today  where we were going to work on highlighting articles and think about writing up the one-page outline that's due in about two weeks. Now, as I have Mondays off, this required me to go to school just to see these people. So I do. I show up and no one's there. Okay fine, I'm three minutes early, I'll sit down and wait. I sit down and wait. I stay there for over two hours, getting more and more furious as I wait (anyone who was online at the time can probably remember the RAGE) before I figure "fuck this, going home". I'm going to see them in Accounting tomorrow and I am going to kick their collective asses. :3

...Somehow I know this is going to end up with them glaring at me and going "why didn't you show?? ;o;" because they screwed up the meeting time or place or something. I am not going to let this ruin my RIGHTEOUS FURY. ^_^

(No, I'm not mad, but I was annoyed. And it will make me feel better to yell at them. ^_^)
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