October 25th, 2006




...Okay, so he's not here yet per se, and he's certainly not coming to my town, but who frets the details nowadays?

NOVALA! *purrs*

No one knows what I'm talking about, right? >.>;

I'm talking about Novala Takemoto who wrote Shimotsuma Monogatari (Kamikaze Girls in English I think?) from which the manga and movie were based off of. He's coming HERE. (And when I say here, I mean Los Angeles) They're having an Un-Birthday Party. Which is cute. And they've made it White Tie Lolita and enforced the lolita fashion restrictions. Which makes it better.

And OLIVIA is also going to be there. And while I don't like OLIVIA as much as I do Yuna Ito, I think she sounds nice and it'd have been cool to see her live. Meh, well, sigh.

...Bedtime. Midterm tomorrow. Oh wait. Later today. @.@; Figures.

Oh yeah, and because it's pre-midterm, I drew stuff. Cut for large and NSFW.

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