October 31st, 2006




Yes, you read right. No pumpkins. None. Zip. Nada. It's Hallowe'en and there are no pumpkins. :(

I went out hunting for a pumpkin last night to do me some carvin'. I enlisted my father's enthusiasm in the search (don't ask me how) and we all went hunting for one last night. In two grocery stores--the large ones. No pumpkins.

There were candy canes. Snow. Eight bloody reindeer and a fat man molesting a chimney, but no pumpkins! D:

I bought a loaf of bread in protest. *chews a bite of it irritably*

In other news, my mum's bank was broken into and the thieves stole ~$300 000. Haven't been caught yet as far as I can tell. Sneaky.

I'm bored and I have nothing to do tonight. :( I think that means I'm on candy duty, but who's really going to come around this year? o.O; Are there even children left in these parts? @.@;

Class is over soon, going now. ^_^