November 16th, 2006



I've found more things to work on and make me squee!

Geneon and ANN started up a design contest (up until the 27th, meep) for designing a ParaKiss-style dress. It sounds like fun and I want to join and the grand prize makes me giddy, though I probably won't win it 'cause I never really win anything. ;p

I have so many fun things to work on, like my NaNo, for which I was literally blindsided last night while I was taking a bath by a time-switchy plotbunny that negates half of what I was going to do, but not really. Vicki started talking to me warily through the door asking if I was all right when I started mapping it out loud and cackling and flailing for a towel. x__X; I swear, fandom should not be allowed to eat my brain so. It does it too damned easily.

Point in fact, the school thing.... isn't going very well.

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