December 6th, 2006


Tee hee

And here I thought being a hermit would keep me away from the wank. ;p

I'm so impressed with myself, apparently I've gotten myself involved in LJ DRAMAZ. :O *laughs* Mmm mmm standing up for what I believe in! Me and confrontation sure as hell don't mix and I got all sick and talkative (not that I wasn't talkative all day yesterday) afterwards, but... shrug. The way it goes. Apparently the internets is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

RPing is hilarious and I'm having fun and it sounds silly but I am. Come now, I play Jenova. (And Sephiroth, but he's busy wandering around wet, naked and towel-less right now) Batshit crazy alien tentacle virus determined to devour the world. Don't tell me that doesn't tempt you. ;p

Oh oh and more randomness! I'm feeling the Steph-hate! *giggles*

Lookit! (Think I made a good decision to stay well away from the heart of that fandom! ;p)

And... presentation in an hour and a half! And finding Laura to help beg/force Sheridan to accept her as a student. ^__^
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