December 12th, 2006

hyde defy you


Okay, so I haven't exactly been in the loop of late, what with the exams and the laziness and the grrr-rawr that is the RP dramaz. Buuuut... how long has Pieces been down? Please say a while, so that I don't have to feel as marginally guilty about forgetting it. ^^;

4/6 exams are over and done, ke ke ke. Accounting is... um... a D. *twitches* Yes, I'd rather not speak of that either. But I appear to have one of if not the highest mark in the Computer Applications course! ^__^ Silly people trying to make me pay to take the exam and have it written out of my average. *pets it happily* Japanese is going all dark horse on me because I've only got the marks back from the weekly quizzes, which comprises a good 35%. Of those I've got between a 92-96%, but there's that whole presentation + exam thing that'll make it do crazy things. Marketing... meh, who knows. Doesn't seem to matter whether I study or not. High 70s, low 80s? HR should be okay. 80s on this one depending on my project/exam day after tomorrow? And Math... I'm hitting for an 80something. Wrote my test today, hope it works out. o.O; I don't like trusting on my calculator's calculations so much, but checking most of them is impossible the normal way.

Last of all, would my friends please not consider suicide/drugs/cutting/removing internal organs to be their only option? I'm going to care and I'm going to get upset because yeah, I love you and would rather not see you dead/insane/bleeding/...empty? if at all possible. But you know my views on it, and if you ask me straight out what I think, you know I'm going to call you out on the idiot you're being.

This actually isn't directed at any one person in particular, which just makes me all the more sad that I have so many people around me that unhappy with their lives. So, not singling anyone out, but please don't use this entry as an excuse to wangst about how I don't know anything and how much I don't understand. I do. But I still think it stupid all said and done.

Presents-hunting soon! ^___^ I love giving presents! >.>; Whether people like them or not is a different story entirely, but I don't bother overthinking that far anyway. ^^;

Back to studying!
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