December 24th, 2006



All right, so I've been a geek and gotten entirely too wrapped up in crazy new fandoms and fic and taking care of an RP of epic proportions, clearly because I have nothing better to do with my life right about now.

School went well... enough. (1 A+, 2 As, 2 Bs, 1 D) You can have one guess which grade was Accounting. You can also guess my major. Heh. Ain't it grand?

Christmas was today and today was busy! @.@ Steph was kept running around cleaning stuff, shopping for groceries, cooking stuff (yes, yes cooking stuff! Domestic!Steph who'd a thunk it? :O) and setting up stuff. It was crazy.

People came. Stuff was watched. Conversation was made. Steph was talkative and actually got to talk with Alvin which was nice 'cause I don't get to a lot and Nelson being around is always awesome and Sara and Jess and Steve and Suki and Vicki and ♥ ♥ ♥

Although I worry about Jonathon. It can't be because he hates me that he runs away from me. There is totally something up with his antisocialism and I think it's pretty bad. D: Like... scared-of-everyone-that-lives-and-breathes kind of not good. =(

Nelson also helped figure out how to fix my desktop. ^____^ I can open things now! The sound mysteriously went kaput yesterday and I forgot to ask him about it but hell if that matters right now because I can open things after months of inability to do anything on my desktop. <3

In other news... uh... nope, nothing. RP has pretty much eaten me whole. It's a sad state of affairs, I know. Getting to flirt (albeit in crazy, convoluted ways that no one else can really see unless you look sideways and squint really hard) with everything that breathes, and probably even those that don't, beats the fact that my social life has disappeared on me now that I no longer have pretty boy to ogle at/flirt with/talk to, or any of the other lovely people I know. :( Although I need to buy more presents and to see the people to whom I shall give those presents. Haven't had a chance to go to the mail store of late, I'm going to need to to drop off a couple of packages to send off. :D Don't think I've forgotten you yet!
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