January 17th, 2007



It is neither evening, nor do the good majority of my f-list participate in sodomy. I think. Been awhile so I wouldn't know if any of you've acquired some wacky kinks in the meantime.

I hate school. I've missed several classes of one of my courses. And thus I have apparently been kicked out. Meaning I'm taking three courses this term. Count 'em. Three. No. No that doesn't work. And the deadline to add more was yesterday. You'd think they could've let me know this at least yesterday so I could've taken something else. But no.

I've fired off an email to the registrar admin who informed me about this, but hell, who else can I go to? I'm not paying three-fucking-thousand dollars just to take three courses damn it! HELP ME! ;o;

...And how would they know anyway? o.O; Do they take attendance? What are we, four?

*coughs* Anyway. I had a bouncy-cheery update of DOOM to write. Since, you know, I haven't written anything. And then I... well, hell if I know where that went. Somewhere fluffy and pink I imagine, since I am now stewing over the hate that is my lack of tuition coming back from Sheridan and my inability to reclaim over $800 worth of useless fees to Waterloo just yet.

And the day was going so very well. D:
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