January 19th, 2007


Snow, snow, snow~

Right, so it wasn't altogether pleasant to slog through this morning when my boots are falling apart, granted. But it's so... pretty. *-*

Anyway! I'm hiding out at the SLC again because a) it's cold out and b) I like internet that doesn't die on me. I also need to go and see an advisor about signing my form, but he won't answer me. :\ I think I'm going to have to start banging on doors because $560 is a lot of money. D:

And I'm also in Waterloo this weekend! They don't want me at home. *sadness!* Tests to study for and all that. Alas, all alone and huh, I don't think I have any food left either. :D FUN TIMES AHEAD! :3 Perhaps I shall just not-go home and stay here on this couch in this room with my laptop for a few days and mulch. ;p What, me have a life? Surely you jest!

All right, so I'm home. Er. In Waterloo. Yes, the laziness plan didn't work out so well. Meh. And I have not been idle! Besides catching up on all (read: two) my logs, I have done artstuff!

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