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28 February 2007 @ 02:08 am
Okay, so last entry? Forget it, old news. Steph's back to normal and feeling just fine. When I actually got suited up (first class is at six, hell if I'm going to get changed before then, right? ;p), I passed by the mirror and actually looked good. ^_^ A much better impression than the "omg heifer!" blink. Steph has new boots and they were cheap and make her feet look adorably small and her legs longer. All good things in my mind! ^_^

Guest lecturer talked for almost the whole three hours so I didn't miss too much I don't think. It was interesting, I guess. Nothing too fascinating, although he was a really good speaker, I thought. Witty.

And and and! The guy who I've gotten a commission (oh I never mentioned that either, did I? Steph has an art commission!! *beams happily* Someone actually wants to pay me to draw something!) from? Saw the draft I was working on and likes it! ^____^ I mean, I didn't think it was anything special, and the proportions are crazy off (I'm going to have to fix them soon enough) but... kee!

Nothing really eye-catching just yet, but I'm hoping that'll change before I'm done! ...I'm also hoping I did okay in Philosophy. Drop date's been and gone. :\ I really want to know I did well. >.< I really want in on this program and I can't do it if I do badly/mediocre.
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28 February 2007 @ 12:51 pm
I woke up early. *shudders* It was horrible. Birds were singing. The sun was just coming up. Someone chucked a newspaper at my face.

...Okay, so it wasn't as bad as all that. But still, waking up at at the ungodly hour of 7:00 in the morning is just not on when a girl goes to bed at... uh... actually, considering my record, it might have been an early night. 4:30 or so? I debated not going to class. But I dredged up my willpower (I do have some! :O) and dragged myself out of bed, got myself dressed and headed out the door. It was actually a lovely morning. Warm. I like warm.

And then I got to class. On time. And the teacher wasn't there. Which was fine because I'm late enough all the time that to show up before her for once was far from a bad thing. And then about twenty minutes later another lady walks into the room and says "yes, she just called in. She's not coming to class." (Yes, twenty minutes after the class is slated to start, she calls. Another reason why I hate her.)

I was there to pick up my midterm, be all studious and academic-like and then the professor doesn't even bother showing up. I was up at 8:30 in the morning for absolutely no reason at all and I couldn't leave campus for I still had another class--five hours later. But that's okay. The weather's nice. Yeah, that's enough to do wonders for my mood. What can I say? ;p

And! I had a happy, happy little plotbunny for my nano/Zackfic that I actually made a start in getting it written. ^_^

Miya, I told you I was writing soldiersmut. ;p I just clearly write buildup easier! ^^;Collapse )

And so on and so forth. A little long, a little meh, but it'll do for a first draft from a Steph who didn't think she could string six words together in proper order just a few hours earlier. Anyone who actually read that deserves a cookie though, honestly. Anyway, classtime is now! Which means I want to find something to eat. *zooms*
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