March 6th, 2007


Schools and Hotels and Cheshire Cats (and somehow musetalk snuck in there)

Got my Philosophy midterm back. 63. That hurts me so. Especially when it appears I have gotten all the right answers, I merely did not word them enough. Lovely. Next time I think I should just write them in French... she certainly spends half the class messing up her English and teaching in it anyway. :( Must do well, damn it!

Toujours is trundling along. I'm grateful enough for it, I'm the only mod around. ^^ Not that I blame the others (...well I do, but that's mostly me being selfish and lonely, it's hardly their fault. ;p) but I can't be the only one that sees us starting to wilt around the edges. Toujours the multi-fandom head of lettuce. Tires me out; long-term inventiveness and wit are totally not my thing. I'm just so good at making you believe they are, shock! ;) Sephiroth is moody because there is no Cloud around to baffle, and Jenova is going muttery-muttery in the back of my head. Think she's bored.

I also think my fic!muses are getting sulky with me. Or my grasp of characterization has just gone all seven ways to hell. I cannot do postAC!Cloud. But hell if that's going to stop me from trying. ^.^ With lots and lots of help and backtracking and poking other people to wail "DOES THIS MAKE SENSE???" (I also can't write smut, but that's another issue I sidle around anyway.)

Also. Still place Alice. It makes me happy. So happy. So happy I think it's mildly creepy that I find it so, but it's Alice in Wonderland and it's crazy Wonderland like how I wanted it to look way back when I watched the Disney movie (except... more bloody and disturbing). I've been accused of being a closet sociopath once I said I was playing/enjoying it. Please. They were playing Doom.

And and and. I like how well it runs and complete and utter lack of lag and Cat. OMFG how I love the Cheshire Cat. He doesn't look half as creepy in-game as he does in the official art, but I wouldn't care if he did because his voice. I love me my Catvoice. If you've never heard, go listen now. *0*

Now who knows anything about these whispers I keep hearing of Gackt and KAT-TUN? Rumor y/n? The idea of them performing together boggles my mind, but I've been grrrfandommonogamygrrr of late, I've no idea as to the state of things anymore. ^^;
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