March 7th, 2007



Okay, so everyone and their next-door-neighbor has now heard the howling about Zack's last name. Frankly, I don't really like it, the whole Fair Weather/Cloud Strife thing just doesn't make up for the fact that it's lame. Thus I'm not going to dwell on it. Zack will be Zack. Has been, will now. :3 Easy.

What I would rather concentrate on squeeing over is THIS.

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Old news too, older than the Zack but no one's been talking about him. o.O; So! *swoons* Kadaaaaj. His face and his haaaaair omfg *hearts* Mine? Oh yes, yes, yes he will be. *___* Him and that shiny, shiny motorcycle of his. (On that note, does anyone know if the Mechanical Arts Fenrir is any different from the ones that come with Cloud? Because... the pictures make it look shiny, but I don't have either of my Fenrirs here and thus can't compare. Even though I suppose I'd hardly need three. >.>;;)

Even older news, but still pertinent! I'm joining the ACF Contest 'cause, uh, money? Oh please, pick me, pick me. Doubt I'd actually win anything, but it does sound like fun. ^-^ You know. If I remember to do it. *must remind self*

In other news, apparently quoting the Qur'an makes me a terrorist. I was also bitched at for having a fur lining on my winter coat. (Please, the man was in leather. Alligator I think, though I'm no expert. At least I can eat the rabbit.) My life amuses me.

I also walked into an exam. Ten minutes late. That I did not know was taking place. Thank goodness I have a decent memory when it comes to the stuff it was on, but some of it was just... totally out there. o.O; Please tell me Ramadan =/= "The Earthquake"?
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