March 23rd, 2007


E-heh-heh-heh. >.>;

Quick update in the life of the Steph:

It's almost seven in the morning. My window is glowing. I'm watching the sun rise the wrong way again, aren't I? Blargh.

I have an essay due in... uh... six and a half hours. In that time I need to sleep, write it, and get to school. *coughs* Really Steph, I thought I'd broken you of that terrible habit of FORGETTING WHEN THINGS ARE DUE/DATES OF EXAMS. *kicks self*

I've been reading/downloading doujinshi. Something is truly wrong with me when I realize a dead line, panic, and then immediately turn to the confusion that is badly-drawn FFVII gag doujin. Although it did brighten my mood. 'Hung like a light-switch' is clearly going to be used in a fic somewhere. Oh Cloud, Cloud, Cloud...

..And whatever supremely important thing I had to say has fluttered away. So! ATTEMPT TO SLEEP IS NOW. Really.

...I need to work on this willpower thing.
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