April 10th, 2007


World peace o.o

Or at least it is so in the Steph-verse. o.o;

All right, perhaps nothing so earth-shattering as that. I just woke up this morning (read: afternoon) and realized that I like Tifa.

>.>; I said 'twas insignificant. However! Anyone who's seen me go on about the subject will know I'm a pretty solid Aeris girl. Now I've never been a bit player in the unending tale of chaos and strife (...oh look I made an indirect shipping comment and I didn't even notice) that is the Aeris/Tifa war-front because I tend to think those are stupid, just like any and all anti-anything sites/comms floating around. So no, I've never actually been up-in-arms hating the girl, but I take badly to girls who screw with their boy's heads and lie to them just so she can pretend everything has and is peachy-keen between the two of them.

Then I re-watched Advent Children, finished it, thought some, started playing FFVII some more, died, thought some more, went to sleep (note: this was now at about six in the morning), regained consciousness at about 11:30, and tried to continue writing the Tifa section of a fanfic. (Yes, I will write and allude to ships that are not my pets; I can live with them in canon, I can live with them in fic) Then came my revelation.

That tiny little shiver of "...hrmph" was gone. Poof! Vanished. On its heels came the realization that AC!Tifa's grown up. I have a soft spot in my heart for characters that noticeably matures in character. (see: Relena Peacecraft) Thus~

In other news, only semi-related to Tifa, am I the only one who watched SEVENTH HEAVEN Music Station 04.06.07 and cringed at both the song and Hyde's dancing? D: I've wandered through Pieces and several other LJ communities and everyone I see keeps harping on his awesomeness and the song's awesomeness and how well the band played (...it's a TV performance, the band doesn't actually play their instruments, damn it!), etc, etc? (link by ninix33 from Pieces) I mean, it's not a bad song but it's so... repetitive. :(
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