April 14th, 2007



Okay so I just called home to confirm dinner plans with my mother. Shiny nice, right? She informs me that AT&T called me about a job application and an interview. Which is awesome, y'know? Gigantic, large-moneyed telephone company that it is, I'd love a job there.

Thing is? Er... I totally didn't put an application to said company. o.o;;


I'd actually have more hope if in fact they left me a number to call them. Or a hint of what kind of job they were offering. Or how they knew who I was. 'Cause I'm pretty sure if they don't leave me a number, that means I lost the interview, huh.

Guh. =( I could've used a good break. My life is giving me such a headache right now. And it's not just the studying.