June 9th, 2007

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Steph lives!

First post in... what? A month? :3 Aren't you happy to see me? (...now that I've said it, no one's going to comment on this entry just to make me feel unwanted, I just know it) Steph's been sick. But there is no longer any danger of hospitalization and non-functioning organs anymore, which is plenty good in my book. This means Steph is not dying.

...'Course half of you didn't know that as I don't think I made any post wherein I mentioned the amount of screaming death. Which is just as well because those that I did tell were worried about me and I hate worrying people. So... I'm all better. ^_^ Be glad for me. Send me shinies. I know I've missed some. ;p

Aaaaand... oh! Boyfriend! Another tale I've missed telling. Steph's got one. He's heart and I think maybe also secretly a robot who doesn't need sleep or sustenance but of course you didn't hear it from me. Like an Autobot only with less cool transformy powers but that could just be because I was watching Transformers trailers and have Optimus Prime on the brain like the good little geek that I am. He's also living with me (the boyfriend, not Optimus Prime) though not right now because right now I'm at home in a corner of my house scrounging wireless from someone probably down the block like the sneaky little sneaky thing that I am.

In other news, Steph has fanfic she needs catching up on else Caelin will have her hide, logs to post in or else several dozen other people will have her hide, and floor conditions to write up/potential mods to approach or else everyone in Toujours will hate her and throw rocks at her.

...Except not. I hope. Because then I might get grouchy and growl at them which I'd rather not do.

Besides that... SKIN IS PERFORMING AT AX ON MY BIRTHDAY. IT IS A SIGN. I WANT TO GO. CAN'T. BLARGH. Sammi's performing in Toronto though. :3 Which is cool. Doubt I'll go but still. Hee.
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In the spirit of reassuring everyone that I am indeed alive and wriggling, here there be updating!Steph. ^_^

Today was fanfuckingtastic insofar as Steph went shopping, had loads of money spent on her (well, originally I thought I was going to be the one doing the paying which was a bit of a wrench) and came out with around $300 worth of dress, shoes and accessories. *grins* Man do I feel like such a girl. It's awesome. I heart.

Look out for a camwhoring post of some sort soon because though I probably look like hell, the dress demands it. Oh god sometimes I just love my breasts. They got in the way of buying a new button-down because they couldn't fit, but they are forgiven now because of dress. *purrs happily because damn it, it is the first fancy dress in my closet that I've had in a long time and I'm allowed to be gleeful over it though I'm an expensive piece of ass when wearing it omg (by my standards of course, which truthfully isn't a lot comparitively ;p)*

In other news... Akai is awesome for she helps me with Toujours-y things when I am broken, and so I love her (...not that I don't already do!) and need to finish her shiny which is supposed to be a secret shhh! but I'm late and her's birthday's been and gone and I've come back too late to wish her well for it on time. D: But she is love for helping and Rem too. *hearts Rem as well!*

ALSO! Because now that I look up the time says it's a new day already, happy birthday to emberdarc! ^___^ Many happy returns to you. :3
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