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16 June 2007 @ 12:10 pm
Umph. So! Steph is home and Steph misses the boyfriend. Mmhmm. Sleeping just doesn't work so well without him around. Especially since my room is the hottest one in the house and the one fan just doesn't cut it. Steph needs to dig out a screwdriver and clean the blades properly because right now, it's definitely not up to par.

...Speaking of cleaning, my room needs a good one. Lately it's been looking like just one big bed-included storage room. Which... I don't like. My one room already looks like one, I'd rather this one didn't. :3 Thus! Tomorrow (read: later today) there will be mass cleaning. This weekend shall herald domestic!Steph. Especially since hopefully she will get to go grocery shopping. It has been a long time indeed since she's been able to visit a T&T/H&H. There is also a computer tower that needs taking apart. :3 Whee! Steph is far from techno-savvy but getting to dismantle stuff is just fun. ;p

Wednesday had Steph at Conestoga for the boyfriend's convocation. It was very hot outside. Steph likes air conditioning. She likes it a lot. She also likes having Tetris on her phone. Hurray for high scores of doom. ;p Steph was also sad as she wondered if Akai was taking classes then (and whether or not she was on the right campus anyway) but Steph lacks a number to call, and wasn't there for very long anyway. Ah missed opportunities. We're way too close and way too far, babe. ♥

On the RP front, Steph has finally gotten up off her ass (read: working on everything else--what, you think I don't get stuff done? I don't get paid half as much as I should for all the shit the girls in Toronto have me fixing for them.) and done floor conditions. Insofar as she shamelessly stole the use of Akai's and Rem's brains because hers clearly doesn't function. Steph has also! calmed down again and is now able to laugh at the silly troll letters she's been getting. Really, they're annoying and kind of stupid, and I do wonder how this stuff keeps gravitating my way but....

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