June 17th, 2007


Picspam: not for the faint of heart/slow of internets

'Cause y'all know I do this on occasion. And hell if I do them as they come along like any sane person might. What can I say? I like working big.

Anyway! First because I promised:

Collapse )

Second because they were on my camera:

Collapse )

And last but not least 'cause Selah-love and several others have been asking:

Collapse )

And...... and and and....

...I'm sleepy. GOOD MORNING! :3 Happy Father's Day! though I don't believe I have any fathers on my f-list. I--

Oh oh oh. Also. Unknown fact of the Steph: today is her supposed-to-be birthday. Yeah. Figures that even at being born I'd choose to laze around and wait for a good two weeks more before I get around to it. ;p
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