July 29th, 2007


O f my lifetime of crime

Okay, so, I'm a bit late in the recording of this, but Steph had a dream and Steph was freaking awesome. Yeah.
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Also! In other news, last Friday morning Steph had an adventure. It started like this. Steph doesn't sleep at night. The boyfriend... well, he sometimes doesn't sleep at night. So he was going to go to work and since he works right beside the school, I figured I'd go with him, burrow about his workplace, leave, burrow around on campus and eventually bus away home.

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Annnnnddd.... that's about it. Went to Pacific yesterday and bought socks. :3 And put in my baby for repairs. She'll be done next week. I glee. Heitor also lent me Tales of the Abyss today. So it is now in my posession, in my house. AND YET I CANNOT PLAY IT BECAUSE I AM NOT AT HOME AND AM PLAYSTATION2LESS.

The world does not like me. My mom does though. She bought me Harry Potter. :3 I'm still not going to read it before exams. But. She bought me Harry Potter. ^___^ Steph happy.
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