August 13th, 2007


Paranoia and Deletion Goodness?

Okay, so, I was going to make a post a few days ago about the blissful peace that is having dropped out of Toujours and going "whee!" about the lack of responsibility that went with it.

...And then of course I went online, and about six convos popped up with frantic RPers crying out against the Great Injustice that was the complete wipe of three major RPs (and one slightly dead one). It was loud. It was CAPS-LOCKED. It was very OMFGMYLOGSMYLOGSMYLOGS. Steph stared, flailed, burst into tears, punched holes into things, sulked, went to bed, woke up, and was better. Pretty much in that order. I still want my logs. But Brisa tells me I will get them back soon so I will believe that. Especially for now since I have so many exams and late essays that need studying for/writing/sending.

I've also! after this whole Strikethrough '07 nonsense (or should I call it the BOLDED AND UNCLICKABLE '07 REDUX nonsense?) gone and backed up my journals. Call me paranoid, especially since I personally don't think I've much cause for alarm, but hell, I lost a good deal of stuff in the Toujours/Malaise wipe that I haven't gotten back yet, and I don't mean to lose anything else. Besides, fandom's starting to jump ship, I might as well ferret out ways to keep tabs on it. In any case! If ever I disappear into the abyss, you can always find me at my Insanejournal or over at Journalfen. The one is a mishmash of both me-like posts and fanfic posts and the other is just for fanfic/art/whatever.

In other news, it's my sister's birthday! :D She's seventeen! And and and--I'm not there! T___T I miss her! I've never missed one of her birthdays until this year and it makes me sad.

Tomorrow (actually, now that I check the clock and it reads 3:40, 'today' would be more apt) is the boyfriend's birthday! :D And I'll be here! I'll be buried beneath a layer of textbooks and notes and flailing Stephwails, but I'll be here. And after 2:30 on the 15th I am finished with exams and hopefully this whole mess will have sorted itself out by then.

...Steph just finished watching Arachnophobia. Steph is not scared of spiders, but Steph is immensely not-happy about the number of bugs scuttling/flying around her room/this house. Steph is going to go bury herself and study some more. *waves!* I promise I will appear more like a person after the whole examdeath phase. :3 If, you know, for a little while longer until results come out. ^_^;;;;
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