August 28th, 2007


I return!

So, no one/very little people know I ran away to join the circus on a near spur-of-the-moment vacation with the family. (And by spur-of-the-moment, I totally mean ~two weeks' notice, which, for them, is like spur-of-the-moment). Originally the vague talk was about going to California, but as the father wants another TV, that idea went south, no pun intended. So we ended up going to Quebec for what amounts to a week.

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That done, the happenings of the life of Steph have not amounted to much. She has stuff that she needs to finish (late, oh god so very late) and paperwork to fill out and grades to plead her case over, and courses to choose. (Yes, yes I know I was supposed to have done that a while ago, it didn't work) Saturday was Moving Day. The boyfriend's awesome and had already helped me move a bunch of my things over to the new place (again I felt very bad for having him loaded down like a pack mule :\).

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In other news, I love L'Arc~en~Ciel's MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM. Love it. Lots. I hate, however, Feeling Fine 2007. I think it's a piece of crap, creatively, because it sounds almost EXACTLY LIKE THE ORIGINAL. Taking your bassist and putting him on lead vocals, amping up the beat, and yelling "ONE TWO THREE FOUR!" in the opening does not a new song make. Beh. But I've gone on about that in the discussion section of Pieces already, so enough of that. Better news is that Nelson is back safe and sound and Paul is going off to Hong Kong. Yay! Well. Perhaps not really yay but it's better for all parties involved I think. (Family drama, not going into it ;p) And I've missed Nelson. We're going out to dinner tomorrow, I'll ferret out the specifics of his wellbeing then, I hope. In the meantime, I started this post at 1:11, it's now 2:42 in the morning. I r sleepy. Goodnight!
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