October 27th, 2007



STEPH IS VICTORIOUS! *waves arms wildly* I've found the ethernet cable! ^_^ Internet is me!

The sister and I are watching shows on Youtube. I hate Youtube. But at least our connection works enough for it to go speedy-quick, so I don't have to mind so much. :3 I've never really been one for high school shows outside of the Whedonverse (which doesn't count, does it?) but Popular's snappy dialogue makes me giggle.

Attempted to call the boyfriend earlier because he looked so sad about my leaving. That didn't wokr out so well. Phone died. Several times. In succession. Catching him on MSN got me a question mark and a one-line response. ;p *has given up*

Aaaaaannnnnddddddd done is le watching! First comes girltalk and then TO BED IS I. :33

[EDIT:] We are the wackiest family ever.
Vicki: *in bathroom, staring in awe at one of my new bras*
Steph: *blinks*
Vicki: *scuttles over to Mom already in bed* Doesn't this look like you could fit a cantaloupe in this? *waves it at her*
Mom: ...o.o;;
Dad: ...wut?
Mom: Well I suppooooose... *thoughtful*
Steph: *howls* ET TU, BRUTE!

...And now really to bed 'cause I have breakfast to make for them tomorrow. ^_^

[EDIT2:] I FORGOT TO MENTION! Dad got back just a little while ago from doing martial arts with his club at his master's out in some section of Toronto/Markham (he's moved so often, it's hard to keep track nowadays) and he was accosted by police while driving home. Wherein there were two cruisers who rode up to try and box him in. Apparently our old Camry matched the description of a suspected criminal of some form or another and Daddy is suspicious-looking.

*snerk* Never mind that the pink slip for the car has a photo of little!Vicki on it. ;p They let him go after that. Tee hee. BED!
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