December 1st, 2007

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My Wishlist

Because I think it's a nifty idea, I decided to put some thought into it and make up a wishlist for myself. Not so much because I expect people to give me things but because I'd like to keep track of what shinies I want to work towards having too. ^_^ Of course if anyone actually does have anything on here they wouldn't mind giving either for Christmas or just 'cause, that'd be wonderful too. At the very least, there can be pillaging of your music collections for new awesomeness, perhaps? ^_^

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It's that time of year again...

And that means... CHRISTMAS CARDS! *sparkles*

Or at least I hope so. ^^; I can't promise I'll have the time to actually make them all myself as I am a girl of very little imagination and even less time, but it's nice to get something in the mail anyhow, isn't it? ^__^

If you want one, just comment to this entry with your name and address. ^_^ I'm also quite sure I've acquired a few lurkers in my time too, which is fine by me. Want a card? :3

So far to be mailed: mesmerisz, bludhavens, Florence, nemkess, spinshadow, serephita86

And secondly:

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hyde defy you

Because hey I should retain a copy of the madness here too!

Okay so I was busy thinking happy bouncy thoughts about zombies and music and Christmas (and yes those things can go together perfectly fine, I assure you!) when I realized I had mail! That wasn't LJ comment notices! And wasn't spam! I was shocked, surprised, and gleed a bit to myself.

'Course then I opened it. And oh the confusion!

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Actually... weird of me to ask but snowqueenofhoth do you know anything about this reikimei? She did mention being linked to my journal and you're the only "snowQueen" I can think of on my f-list. @.@;
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