December 12th, 2007

hyde defy you

Hurrah for ungodly hours of the morning!

Because skin_scene brought this to my attention.

First things first, I went all pouty at the prospect of more solo work and less L'Arc--but not a lot, since they've disappointed me a pretty good deal with all their craptastic P'UNK c/ws on their singles. Like I've said before, screaming "ONE TWO SREE GO!" and blasting an old song slightly sped up and slightly louder does not a new song make. I don't care what your line-up is. But whatever, I got over it.

Clearly other people aren't keen on it from the looks of the comments that I peeked into. And don't know 'bout the rest of you (are there even any more L'Arc fans who read this journal aside from nanani and a few others? Heh ^^;) but I really hate fans like that, who think just 'cause they've loved the band thiiiiiiiiiiis long means they're entitled to said band bowing down to all their whims and desires or else "they won't be a fan much longer!"

Really, do they really think the band cares? Would they have released bravery--I think it was?--way back when if they were afraid of pissing fans off? L'Arc's always been known to doing whatever the hell they want and they're not likely going to stop just 'cause some fans are crying over "having waited 2.5 years for more L'Arc!" especially if they're going to be releasing new L'Arc material over 2008/2009 anyway.

Seriously. Some fans' public entitlement complex, it blows so hard. Honestly, if you're going to complain, do it in your own journal where you can also supply the cheese to go with that whine.

In other news... last exam tomorrow, whoo-yeah! After that and a few last minute hash-ups, I am so ready for hardcore Christmasy things like spending loads of money on other people and planning how to decorate my house ('cause I can't really do anything here in Waterloo). *hearts* Hell if it won't feel like a little slice of freedom before the whole stoning thing.
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