January 3rd, 2008

Body of Christ; religious ol' me


Because I suppose no new year should go without these things, and since I don't remember what I intended to do in 2007, I guess it means I never accomplished anything either. So. To make sure that I do...


1) Stop procrastinating. Completely. Utterly. It's like masturbation. It only feels good up until the point where you realize you're just fucking yourself.

2) Keep better track of my friends. Because it's a sad feeling indeed when you feel everyone slipping away and wake up realizing that you don't know anything about them anymore.

3) Lose weight. I know I keep saying I will, but I never do, and have instead gained a ridiculous amount that makes me cringe inside and the parents stare in all-too-obvious horror every time I come home. No more of that. In the span of a year, I can try for 150. I've a bit too much muscle underneath the flab to manage lower, I think, in that amount of time.

4) Do better at time management. This ties in very well with number one. Because anyone who knows me knows that I'm terrible at this: pleasure first, work later, oops but now I'm tired... Yeah. No. Has to stop.

5) Take charge of my life. Perhaps a generalization of both 1 and 4 with a little mixed in just for kicks, but it's true. If I need to do something, talk to someone, make something happen, I'll do it, no hanging about being shy or hoping someone else will do it for me. Call it an inherent fear/dislike of confrontation which I guess isn't all bad, but everyone's gotta have a balance, you know?

6) Take up drawing again. Because believe it or not, I've accomplished nothing for like... half a year? Perhaps a little more than that. And this is not something I just want to let go completely like that for no apparent reason except for "well... I can't think of anything anymore."

7) Start writing again. Follows through with above. I'm in a slump and I know it and I don't like it in the least. I've got it in me: times of desperation tell me I have, and reading what I've written in the past year or two still really makes me happy and a little awestruck at just what I was able to accomplish. I want to be able to do that again.

Aaaaand... seven. That doesn't sound too bad. A decent start at the very least, and who knows? Maybe I get points for optimism. ;p
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