January 29th, 2008

burn baby burn


Which means I get to do a little dance and yell out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY HYDE~~~~!"

'cause. Like. I totally remembered this year. And I did. A week ago. >.>; So it totally doesn't count as peeking if 4am_secret posted before me and I just happened to see it while scrolling through my f-list. ;p

In other news, I HAS BOOKS! *beams* Yes, I went to Chapters and I bought books. ^_^ As in all the Meredith Gentry books that are out in paperback, and one other one 'cause it was on sale for about $5. Totally silly of me, especially when they're not the greatest books in the world and the smut gets kinda... much. And, you know, swallows the plot whole. But! For reasons I cannot name, despite her decline in writing, I still totally love Laurell K. Hamilton and will for a very long time despite all the heartbreak of late.

Also? Group meeting today? Guess who showed up? Yeah, that's right. Me. And Nisreen. In a group of five. You know what makes me even more angry? It was on a day where I did not have class and so had no reason to be there except for meeting with a bunch of people who don't even show up in the first place. Remember this happening to me during my stint at Sheridan? Yeah, clearly it's going to be a recurring situation. And you know me, I absolutely hate being stood up. Almost above anything. So. So. Grrrrrrrrrrr.
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