April 14th, 2008


Drive-by update

Quick entry before I get my nose back in the books (French exam tomorrow, Greek Literature on Wednesday eek!) because I haven't been around lately.

3 Hours Later:
And so I got distracted. Essay comments had to be checked over (for the upteenth time), spiders had to be chased after, emails to be sent, French to read up on, yada, yada, yada.

Anyway. One reason for my disappearance is school. It's there. Mock it for what it is because it's been giving me no end of headaches, just like it has for the past two-going-on-three years. I've been suspended from one faculty, have no idea if I can get into another, and am busy being frantic about exams and when I get answers back in the interim. Fun.

Another is the fact that I am an idiot and sprained my wrist the week before last. Or at least I think it's a sprain. I haven't exactly gotten it checked out, and won't till after exams if I ever do. It was stuck in a wrist brace for a while which is not fun and makes typing hard, and holding a mouse near impossible. I take it off often as keeping anything so stifling on for long periods of time is pretty blech but I don't know if that's the best idea. It still hurts when I move it (to open a door, for example), and it's been a long while now.

I have also forgotten what the other reasons might be. It's late. I can't think. I can just keep barreling on in foreign languages and hope everything ends up okay.

The boyfriend is not here. :( He went and roadtripped off into the sunset horizon with his boss this morning for work-related business. It is a weird feeling around the place without him around. I miss him. And he is not there to act as a buffer between me and the Ogre Who Tried to Explain to Me that Chicken Balls are Flat. -_-;;

I'm paranoid about getting up on time. If I do dare sleep, I will keep several different clocks aimed at my face at all times. That will commence now, as I can't think anymore and think this entry has gone on longer than it should anyway. (Also: I love this song.)
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