April 26th, 2008

mine mine mine


I..... am watching the Pussycat Dolls present: Girlicious and I'm finding this vaguely like watching Vicki obsess over America's Next Top Model. Whee. Lookit me, I can be shallow. Of course I also have to go to bed and stop watching, but hey, finishing post first.

So, Steph is back in Oakville now. I just carted out this morning on several hours' worth of train rides. ^^; It basically involved taking one train one way to Union Station in Toronto, and then another onto Clarkson, and then no one was around or answering their phones so, cab home for Steph. All in all, transportation-y goodness at its best. ;p

There are all sorts of headaches that need working out, but I'm running short of time, I'm on my sister's computer so MSN noises are pissing me off when other people message her/me, and I need to go blowdry my hair and go to bed. Joys of living at home again, I guess. ^^;

Speaking of which, alas and alack, it seems the boyfriend and I are cursed when it comes to long-distance communication. ;p Neither of my texts that I sent to him today seemed to actually get to him, despite both of them being logged in my sent mails. I also think he was supposed to call me sometime tonight which never actually happened, but shrug shrug, he was busy and had people over. Oh well, there's always MSN which hasn't appeared to have failed yet, fucked up internet connection notwithstanding. Clearly there is hope on the horizon! ;p

Anyway, as much as I like Vicki's keyboard, I hate MSN noises and continually receiving messages on this machine is grating on my brain. More tomorrow where I'm not just one big ball of irritation. :3;;;
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