September 12th, 2008


This icon is relevant to my post.

I has a webcam.

I tried to take a picture. After a long, arduous journey insofar as I could find no actual picture-taking software, I finally succeeded.

It didn't turn out so well. :( Alas for my inability to both look at the camera, and the take-picture buttons at the same time. And my attempts at smiling non-goofily. Pfah.

Much later, I accidentally took another one.

Then I went "hee! My mouth looks okay in here! :O" And such photos are few and far in between. Please feel free to ignore the almost!cleavage. :3

Thus concludes my wild and epic photospam. I do them well as you can see.

(Brought to you by a multiple-hour-long session at the study desk--read: kitchen table--with my laptop on hand)
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