February 12th, 2009

cloud: zzzzzzz


One more portfolio to finish tonight (of which I have thus far done none of, and my class is at 8 tomorrow) and then I am done with this week's work. x_x I can then look forward to four blissful days of NOTHING. Oh god so close, so damned far away.

AND, because I obviously need so much more time on the internets, I went and picked up two more characters at luceti (you know, after dropping all four at econtra_rpg @.@;). And HOLYSHITBOOM did my inbox explode with more comments than god. That was over 250 comments to field, most of which was within the first two/three hours.

All this last night when I was a) finishing up a report, b) sourcing stuff for group members who don't know how, c) researching, d) working on presentation slides, e) working on SCM, ALL AT THE SAME TIME.


But hell with homework, back to luceti: OH MAN. Jen pops up and goes ohai! and then half of Luceti goes SHIT SHIT BATTEN THE HATCHES, MAN THE HARPOONS while the rest go YOU ARE WEIRD, DIE NAO.

So unloved. So misunderstood. SO MUCH FUN.

I just hope I can keep it up. Because otherwise it'll be total OMG AWESOME FOREPLAY AND THEN wait that was it? T~T