February 19th, 2009

cameron: crazytown


Oh stupid LJ with your non-functiony bits. I've been trying to pay for more paid time on silvergeneral because the time Star got me (which was so random, so unexpected, and so. much. love.) is running out on... um... tomorrow. And here I am hooked on all the pretty things I can do with it that I won't be able to. :(

And so LJ doesn't accept my credit card. Because that's obviously the thing to do when people offer you money. It then tells me that if it keeps coming up with problems, since I live in Canada, to avoid typing in my postal code. However, doing so gives me a "Fill in all the blank fields" error. Failboat much?

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Finally, re: stats (because it deserves a section all on its own and outside a cut)... I. am. so. dead.
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