February 23rd, 2009


One down

Two to go. Oh midterms, you funny death-dealing things that you are. Stats is coming. Tomorrow. I fear. I fear. Presentation, event report, event proposal, emails, contract signings, etc. still yet to be completed. Man, after all this I deserve a week off. @.@;

In other news, I've finally, finally started really poking around roleplaysecrets and rp_anon_meme. Because heaven knows I don't have anything better things to do before writing an exam than shift through ye age-old anon commentspam. :) It's funny how quickly a whole new world of paranoia can open up and chomp on your head. Although I had a little hee! moment when Toujours came up (...the old one, not this strange newfangled one that is apparently exactly like the old one down to the dramallama). People still remember it! or at least they did in 2008. :D

I miss it still, it was my baby. (Okay, technically Brisa's baby, but I still took care of it, the poor abandoned little thing that it was. Mine mine mine mine mine!)


Bah, I'm sniffling. I don't wanna cold! D:
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