March 24th, 2009

perchance to dream


I don't much enjoy being forced to be cute and quirky, but the boyfriend requested an update on the strange and wondrous world that is my life, so here it be. Who better to prod me into posting more like I always said I would? :)

Anyway, so far there hasn't been anything overly exciting. There's been nothing new to report on behalf of my grandfather, but my mom doesn't appear overly upset/worried/distracted so I take it as a good sign. I have academic issues kind of planned out for the remainder of this week--here's hoping we all stick to the plan! and... well. That's about it.

I've been trying to not spend anything lately because oh god, Visa bill to pay off, and I don't want my savings to dip any lower than they already have, especially when all expected income simply can't be trusted to... actually come in. What can I say? Asking for money keeps striking me as something shameful and/or degrading and I don't. know. why. It certainly shouldn't. D:

Tomorrow promises to be a day full of baking. @.@; I don't actually know how that'll work out. We're having a bake sale at school on Thursday. :) Alas that no one who might possibly read this will have any real inclination to come and buy a cupcake from me. Or two. Or six. Mostly because I foresee everyone avoiding our desperate gazes and our table of Tupperware containers. :( O sad starving student populations in these here sad times!

In other news... well. There isn't much of it. I'm counting on other people (almost entirely! double eek!) to finish reports for two different classes, both worth ridiculous amounts. One I really can't help with because it follows the tale of his mom's company, for which I know nothing and can find out nothing, and the other... well. I will have my two cents' worth of say tomorrow if everything goes south.

Also? The Britney Spears concert? I MADE IT. :) The ticket arrived today in the post, even though the concert was last Thursday. But it all turned out all right in the end, if you ignore the fact that it left almost no room for being early and the stress that comes of getting your frantically reissued .pdf ticket about five minutes before you have to run for the bus. But yes. Worth it. My moment of splurge is complete.
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