April 14th, 2009

don't help people they're bastards

I've been found out! :O

Am I a huge dork? You betcha. (ETA: And to clarify, I just got out of the shower in that photo. I could never stand to be that Greasy McGreasehead.)

I managed to finish both assignments--the team report (10/10 pages done by mememememememeeeee ;-;), and the article analysis (which I did perfect on woooo). And now I have a cheat sheet to write up for tomorrow. Exam's tomorrow morning. But I don't wanna.

In other news, look look I got more hate mail! :O

Collapse )

I'm... er... reasonably sure that can't actually be mail from one of the Luceti mods. Vitriol aside, that spelling is disgusting and while I don't know half the mods, I'm pretty sure anyone trying to be taken seriously wouldn't type like... that. Besides, I found this in my freaking SPAM folder.

But. Um. Damn. I keep meaning to put up an HMD post along with a Relationships and a better background/history type thing but I've been busy and/or lazy and never got around to it. Perhaps I really should get on that. :\

Man, Mommy always get the worst slaps to the face. *mopes*
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