July 13th, 2009

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and in real life...

So all said and done, the weekend passed by with some really nice moments. :) Saturday morning, bright--okay, so maybe not bright--and early, I was up and at 'em, determined to go ferreting around some garage sales and seeking cheap treasures. Well, plans with Ronsen fell through, but the boyfriend volunteered himself, even though he lives on or around an hour away (depending on how fast you speed) and came even though it was storming fit to drown a fish.

When we headed out, it was POURING, water come at us in waves, and all the streetlights and traffic lights going dead. Obviously, no one was having a garage sale so we went off to Square One where I had a couple coupons for free things. :) The best kind of shopping: getting stuff without needing to pay!

Thus: a set of twelve pencils from Coach, a bottle of glossing straightener from AVEDA, a hand massage, a cup of tea, and a touch-up of my makeup. Yay! Still have one for a Dove salon and a free facial, so... we'll see how long this little gravy train lasts!

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