July 15th, 2009

diamond: shiny shine shine

Old new is old but...

So I was reading some of the translations for the new revised On the Way to a Smile novellas, namely the new Black and White chapters. All I can think of is that Sephiroth and Aeris are way too alike for their own good. Clearly the moral of the story is that everyone must be obsessed with Cloud.

Aaaand because I was reading the comments, I was thinking that the fandom will forever be rife with arguments over which pairing is the most canon. And yet all I can think of is that this is just yet another reminder that Square-Enix will comfort me with its love of blissful ambiguity. I can work and dream in the land of "maybe," it's harder to do when you're a canon-nut and everything's too starkly black and white to play in.

In other different yet related news, why is it impossible to find a Zack Play Arts anywhere that's not the internets? :(
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