July 24th, 2009


Decisions, decisions...

I want Dissidia. :( Ignoring the fact that the trailers for the English version make it sound cheesy and silly, and I can count over half a dozen people shaking their heads at me for loving on anything remotely Compilation-related... uh. well. nyeh-nyeh-nyeh. It looks pretty, people keeping coming up with pervy screenshots, and yeah. :( Waiting.

Now the thing is! Square-Enix has already sent me the email discussing the pre-order price + coupon on Amazon, which comes with a free soundtrack CD. And yet I've heard tell of the Best Buy version coming with the desktop calendar like the Japanese release. Sigh. To steal a line from the boyfriend: I want all the gold pieces, dammit!

In other related, but not really news, I've been trying to get my head back into drawing and writing fic. Alas, when I ask for art prompts, I get "pokemon," and when I seek inspiration for fic, I find crazy youtube videos. Clearly this will not end well. Two of my favorites:

Both of which make me want to watch Ouran again and continue Tales. *-*
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