September 23rd, 2009

bitch please

So I go on AIM again for the first time in... a while

Because hey, there are people still on there that I really would like to talk to, and discuss stuff from life, to RP (which once upon a time was close enough to life give or take a little schizophrenia) to my weird liking of Jennifer's Body. (I don't care what you say, trashy as it often is, and horror as it most definitely is not, there's something a little touching about best friends that go a little wrong, and a little right, and a little twisted, but still friends...ish.)

Buuuuuut now I'm getting off-topic. Anyway. Point is, I finally got AIM working for me again a while ago, and I've poked at it, and it seems to be running perfectly fine now--I just have this major avoidance issue with half the people who bombard me immediately once I sign on. Not that I mind most people trying to chat with me--hell, I love it. I get cuddly teddy bear feelings of "d'aww people wanna talk to me~" Yeah. Sad. I know. I blame my childhood too.

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In other news, I hid away from the internet as a whole yesterday for a couple of hours, to reread Gone With the Wind and make a little Jack Skellington papercraft.

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The printer cut off little pieces off the neck part which stick up into his head to keep it attached. This means his head comes off. A lot. But oh well. It's canon. :) I wanna make more. I also have a firm desire to clean up my room/dust off my Play Arts. Photos of them in random poses will likely ensue. And then I might draw. Less ranting is thus likely to ensue then, promise.
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