October 16th, 2009

tseng omg


Okay, you know what the weirdest thing is? Finding your elementary schoolmates starring topless in a B-movie.

...Okay, well, I'm sure there could be weirder things. Possibly involving elephants. Or Silly String. But whatever. So, I was watching Poison Ivy: Secret Society while I was studying because clearly you don't need to actually watch or pay attention to the movie to know what's going on, and cheesy background music always makes for good study jam.

But I look up, and I stare and I peer closer and I go "huh, she looks familiar." And then I go back to studying. And then I look up again later and go "huh, she looks like someone I went to school with."

And then the boyfriend comes over with pie, which is certainly not integral to this story, but there was pie and distraction and so I partook and eventually he left. And I went back to the studying thing and the movie thing and then I looked again and went "Holy shit, I do think I know her."

Thus proceeded a quick IMDB, name-googling, image searching, bonanza before I went and dove into my stack of yearbooks to be 100% certain. Lo and behold...!

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She was this super-skinny girl in dolphin pants with organs that could rearrange themselves up into her ribcage so that the distance between the front of her stomach and the back of her... back... measured less than an inch wide! And now I've seen her in her very first in-movie sex scene. With boobs. And pretty hair. Huh. Small world, howdy hi.

Bonus! This is me from the same year (7th grade).

...Those were horrible, horrible years. ;o;
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