December 1st, 2009

educate yourself

Fuck roleplays!

...That came out wrong. Oops. I clarify: fuck product-selling roleplays for school that I have to write and memorize and present in full viewing of the entire class. ~_~

...Yes, yes, people have already tried to rationalize to me that if I like RPing with fancy make-believe characters in ridiculous settings, I should be able to pretend to be me pretending to care about the stuff that I'm pretending to sell. Several times. In succession. As if --

--some guy... girl? just walked past me in a black animal costume through the lab. My school? It brings the crazy to the yard and I LOVE IT.

--anyway. As if there's absolutely no difference between having the time and considerably more talent in putting words to paper/screen, than it is to regulate the words that come out of my own mouth. And with some semblance of emotion and sincerity. x_x; Meep.

And while I'm sure I'll do fine... urgh. Don't wanna.

In other news! I was poking around RP!S for the first time last night in a very long time, and I found this! It made me smile, I've never seen a secret (good or bad) with me in it before. :D
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