December 9th, 2009

bitch please


Aggravation is: LJ comments and the utter lack of timely notifs (or in some cases, none whatsoever). Eesh, way to screw with a work ethic, here. D: It's nearing exam time, I need my LJ distraction-y goodness!! Trying to remember each and every post I've tagged to see if there's been a response is just WHOOSH over the head for me. @.@

In other new, baby KH Zack is too cute for words. The end! :)
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meow catwoman

Again with the LJ fail

Mmmm mini-posts. I don't usually do them. But I'm bored, it's available. Words to live by.

Anyway. WTH LJ? You won't tell me when people respond to me, but you will give me a bajillion inbox floods of gift notifs? I've already reset Jenova's journal's email preferences to fix that, why am I still getting more? And while, hooray yay that people are getting them, I don't care who gets a special snowflake cookie!

--Hoshit, class!
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