March 2nd, 2010

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My baby is back, and back in business!! :D Precious, precious laptop. *strokes like a creeper*

...Okay, so I got a few things left to do--still need to back it up while it's still squeaky clean and new, and she's got no content on her...

But I~ don't~ care~ because ;o; she's better and not popping up with creepy windows and bright red letters and big bad blue screens of death and worrying about hacked LJ accounts and screwed up coding. The boyfriend is a definite godsend, and spent a goodly portion of the weekend/last night on it bringing it up to speed. Left to my own devices I'd still be looking at the thing and going "Isn't a ghost the thing with the blue screen and the little ghost picture? How do I get to that? :3?"

Anyway, I got all my Firefox add-ons up to speed. And new ones. Shiny ones, that look ever so nifty and useful. You know. Once I figure it all out and all. Right along with the souped up new MSN which, ooh ooh, uses bbcode! :D Italics are iiinnnnnnnn!

Now all I need is the AIM I'm not yet allowed to install, my files which I'm not yet allowed to add, and my school stuff which I will hate and the boyfriend will hate and yet will remain a necessary evil. :(

In other news, Buffy DVDs came! Happy face Steph has all seven seasons of Buffy now, finally. Shockgasp, for all the time I've gone in for Faith time, I've never actually managed to watch the entire series as a whole thing, and large parts of it I'd forgotten since I didn't actually download it for periodic reviewing. Until now! :D~

Only problem is two of the DVDs are a little scratched. Not that bad, still watchable (...for the most part, I'm lacking a full scene in 'Dirty Girls', and so far I think that's it...) so I think I'll just deal. I'm not wanting the hassle of trying to return it or whatever.

I don't know how to end this entry. So! Here I deem it shall be. Zoom!
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