April 12th, 2010

aluminum siren: talk talk talk

And even in real life...

Fandom continues to intrude in many happy and glee-inspiring ways.

The family and I were watching a Chinese movie today that my mom bought in yet another one of those seedy Chinatown movie-dealers called 14 Swords (...or something like that). And over the course of two hours, I catalogued these things:

- some major Disney's Aladdin channeling
- Cloud's Fenrir/buncha swords all crammed together into one neat little box
- Captain Jack Sparrow (if Captain Jack Sparrow were also a pornographic cowboy with some killer abs--oh and asian, obviously)
- "I'll be here / I'll be waiting here if you come / I promise"

...And probably more, but I'm oddly keen on going to bed at a decent hour tonight, so I'm not really going to over-think this one. All said and done, weak premise, lots to keep me occupied. A night well spent. :)

Meanwhile last night involved actual activities that took me out of the house, gasp shock! Yes, I know, I'm surprised I have a life too.

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