September 19th, 2010

coffee heart

All of the internets...

seems to be exploding into crazy amounts of drama whichever way I turn. Wow. Guess the depression train is catching. I was just looking for new eyeshadows and crazily-pairing-ed fanfic! D:

School is currently in that quiet stage before the great loom of shit-going-down and my work hours aren't that many, so for now I've actually been inspired to do things. Write, draw, play around with, whatever! This, coupled with brilliant weather, has me feeling better and freer for the first time in a very long time.

I hope this feeling too passes on to the rest of you! /love
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bitch please

And to risk f-list spamming...

mostly 'cause I don't think people read me much anyway since I got way beyond boring but!

Has anyone else been receiving strange comments from random journals? I've been getting a couple of them on several of my journals with no whys, wherefores, rhyme or reason.

To date it's just been three.

It's still been a "schwaa?" situation every time I look up a new comment in my inbox lately. o.O;

Edit: Junked the links to the comments because who likes feeding little troll-things?

Edit again: DUDE so that's what that pingback business was! Nifty!
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