September 27th, 2010

bookstore shiny

I so need a fanficcing icon...

So I've been feeling particularly prolific over the past few days. And I have no idea why. It's not like I've managed to come up with much that's actually usable--in present state anyway. But! I did manage to go over the last entry I made over at tscc_las and post it up over at dearestophelia with an air of less mishmash, so I'm just going to take the opportunity to cheer up and... well... be cheery. :D~

I'm very glad I signed up for this LAS thing. Opportunity to win something shiny aside, I needed a shove so as to get my head to start thinking up fic-like things again. And what I have found out is that the best things come when I'm trying to sleep, seriously. Clearly Stephenie Meyer isn't all crazy.

In other news, my books from Amazon Marketplace are still not here yet. :( I will not complain since I paid them both off using Swagbucks-earned gift cards and thusly didn't have to pay a red cent, but I waaaaaaant them!!!

--My dad also just gave me a Chapters-Indigo gift card for $25. Eeeeee books~~~!!

--And and tomorrow? Britney on GLEEEEE!!!
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